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Vsevolod Gulyaev
Vsevolod Gulyaev

The Wolf and the Sheep: A Sizzling and Gripping Romance by Penelope Sky

Till death do us part.My father married me off to one of the most powerful men in Italy.Maverick DeVille. But I call him the wolf.He calls me his sheep.The arranged marriage was detested by us both, but we had to make sacrifices for the right reasons. He needed to avenge his mother and I needed protection from the mobs that want to torture me.He's not what I pictured for my husband. He's ruthless, calloused, and cold. His walls are higher than mine. He possesses cruelty that makes him feared.But it doesn't take long for me to respect him...even like him.I rely on my husband more than anyone else in the world. He provides for me, protects me, and chases away all my fears.He lets me graze in the meadow...not a care in the world.Because the wolf is always watching."When people look in the darkness, they see shadows. I see monsters. And I kill the monsters that hunt my sheep."I hated this marriage in the beginning, but now I realize how lucky I am.How lucky I am to be the sheep the wolf protects...and doesn't eat.

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