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Mp4v2 Tools Trunk-r355 Windows X86 Compiled .rar

Mp4v2 Tools Trunk-r355 Windows X86 Compiled .rar

Mp4v2 is a cross-platform library that provides functions to read, create, and modify mp4 files. It is based on the ISO base media file format, which is a common format for video and audio files. Mp4v2 also includes a set of command-line tools that can perform various operations on mp4 files, such as extracting tracks, changing metadata, splitting, joining, and hinting.

Mp4v2 Tools Trunk-r355 Windows X86 Compiled .rar is a compressed archive file that contains the latest version of the mp4v2 tools compiled for Windows x86 platforms. The archive file can be downloaded from [this link], [this link], or [this link]. The archive file has a size of 3.8 MB and contains the following files:

Download File:

  • mp4art.exe: A tool to manipulate cover art images in mp4 files.

  • mp4chaps.exe: A tool to manipulate chapter information in mp4 files.

  • mp4extract.exe: A tool to extract tracks or metadata from mp4 files.

  • mp4file.exe: A tool to display information about mp4 files.

  • mp4info.exe: A tool to display technical and tag data for mp4 files.

  • mp4subtitle.exe: A tool to add subtitles to mp4 files.

  • mp4tags.exe: A tool to edit metadata tags in mp4 files.

  • mp4track.exe: A tool to add, remove, or replace tracks in mp4 files.

To use the mp4v2 tools, you need to extract the archive file to a folder of your choice and add the folder to your system path. You can then run the tools from the command prompt by typing their name followed by the options and arguments. For example, to display the information about an mp4 file named video.mp4, you can type:

mp4info video.mp4

To see the usage and options for each tool, you can type the tool name followed by -h or --help. For example, to see the usage and options for mp4art, you can type:

mp4art -h

The mp4v2 tools are useful for manipulating mp4 files in various ways. They can help you to add, remove, or change the cover art, chapters, subtitles, metadata, and tracks of your mp4 files. They can also help you to extract information or data from your mp4 files. The mp4v2 tools are compatible with Windows x86 platforms and can be downloaded from Mp4v2 Tools Trunk-r355 Windows X86 Compiled .rar.


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