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Elijah Hill
Elijah Hill

Enderal Secrets From The Can !!EXCLUSIVE!!

When overcoming them, ascend the largest hill from the smaller hill, where a Mystical symbol is located, an especially large Mud Elemental can be found guarding Yero's private research bench. On the bested elemental, Yero's Last Words can be looted, an enchanted powerful dagger which absorbs health. A key for the display case is lying on the stone table in middle.

enderal secrets from the can


Enderal: Forgotten Stories is a total conversion mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Developed by a dedicated team of German modders by the name of SureAI, the first version of Enderal was released back in 2016. The updated Forgotten Stories expansion from 2019 saw a number of additions to quests and content, as well as a standalone release on Steam. It's the definitive and complete version of the tale, and is worth playing again if you've only dabbled in the original previously.

For general skill levels, you need to acquire and study a learning book of the appropriate skill and quality. Doing so increases that skill by 1. Want to get One-Handed from 15 to 16? You'll have to scavenge or buy a One-Handed learning book of the apprentice difficulty. To get beyond 25, you'll need an adept book, and so on. Skills have been split between learning and crafting, with the latter being less directly tied into combat trees (Alchemy, Enchanting, Lockpicking and such).

There's further incentives for exploring carefully as well, with rare pickups that can grant bonus experience or even permanently increase your carry capacity. Set items now exist and are quite powerful when combined, and rare crafting schematics or learning books are scattered across the land. The fact that everything feels hand-designed instead of just generated en masse helps the world seem more real. Thus, when the plight of the story starts to ramp up and affect the continent I'd grown attached to, I felt it all the more from seeing it myself.


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