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What is a Card Betting? A Guide to Playing Card Betting

Card betting stands out as one of the favored supplementary wagers in the realm of football betting. It enjoys significant popularity, often featuring prominently among the array of betting options offered by bookmakers for almost every football fixture. This widespread availability contributes to a surge in betting activity surrounding card bets on match days. In the following discourse, clevertips will delve into the intricacies of card betting, elucidating its mechanics, calculation methods, and strategies for effective participation. Stay tuned for insightful guidance on navigating this enticing aspect of football betting!

What is Card Betting?

In football matches, there are two types of cards: red cards and yellow cards. These penalties are used to prevent and eliminate unsportsmanlike behavior. Referees issue cards to players under certain circumstances. Based on this factor, bookmakers have introduced a type of bet called card betting.

With this type of bet, only the cards are counted, while other factors such as goals or scores are not considered. Therefore, when playing card betting, players analyze aspects of gameplay rather than performance or goal statistics.

When participating in card betting, players home win prediction possible scenarios involving yellow and red cards.

Card betting in football betting experience also comes in two forms: First Half and Full Time. Depending on the match situation, bettors will choose the appropriate bet. Generally, Full Time bets have higher odds than First Half bets.

How is Card Betting Calculated?

When playing card betting, you need to know how to calculate the points, which means converting cards into points to determine the betting odds. The specific calculation method is as follows:

  • A yellow card is counted as 1 point.

  • A red card is counted as 2 points.

  • If a player receives both a yellow card and a red card, it is counted as 3 points.

Card betting only considers players currently playing on the field. Substitute players, coaching staff, and medical teams are not included in the bet calculation.

Guide to Playing Card Betting in Football Betting

Here is a detailed guide to playing card betting for bettors:

Over/Under Card Betting

In this type of bet, the bookmaker will set a number representing the potential total points for the half or the match. The player then bets on the Over (the actual points will be higher than the set number) or the Under (the actual points will be lower than the set number).

For example: The bookmaker sets the over/under card betting at 8 for the match between West Ham and Everton. The player bets $100 on Under FT. The result is West Ham players receive 3 yellow cards and Everton players receive 2 yellow cards, totaling 5 points -> Under wins, and the player will receive their winnings.

Odd/Even Card Betting

In this type of bet, the player predicts whether the total card points in a match or half will be an odd or even number. The winning rate for this bet is 50%, and the payout is usually listed with odds greater than 1.00. If the player bets correctly, they win tips bet; if not, they lose their bet.

First/Last Card Betting

In this over/under type bet, the player predicts which team will receive the first card and which team will receive the last card. The winning rate for this bet is also 50%, making it a popular choice among bettors. This type of bet is very exciting, especially for predicting the team that will receive the last card. A single play can change the outcome of the bet for the player.

Tips for Effective Card Betting

Below are several strategies you can implement when engaging in card betting within the realm of football:

Strategic Match Selection: Opt for fixtures characterized by intense rivalries and heightened emotions, such as the iconic El Clasico clash between Real Madrid and Barcelona or the fiercely contested English Derby featuring Manchester United and Liverpool. These high-profile encounters typically witness a flurry of disciplinary actions, making them prime candidates for placing Over bets in card betting.

Referee Scrutiny: Keep a keen eye on the appointed match referee. In European football, certain referees are renowned for their stringent enforcement of rules and propensity to issue cards for even minor infractions. Familiarize yourself with the officiating referee's tendencies and track record, as this insight can inform your betting decisions and potentially yield favorable outcomes.


Having delved into the intricacies of card betting within the realm of football, you are now equipped with a comprehensive understanding of its mechanics and strategies. With this newfound knowledge at your disposal, you possess the necessary skills to navigate and capitalize on this enticing betting option. Recognizing its broad appeal and suitability for all types of bettors, I encourage you to explore card betting further and consider incorporating it into your wagering portfolio. Why not seize the opportunity to engage in card betting with a reputable bookmaker during the upcoming weekend fixtures? It's a chance to put your insights to the test and potentially reap rewarding outcomes. Read more: home win tips for Football Matches Today and Tomorrow


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