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Vsevolod Gulyaev
Vsevolod Gulyaev

[S6E4] There Will Be Blood

Rufus thanks Bobby for helping him with the okami, and tells him what his contacts in Scotland have learned about Fergus MacLeod, aka Crowley. Crowley had a son named Gavin MacLeod, whose signet ring is now on display in a maritime museum in Andover, Massachusetts. Rufus is already there willing to steal the ring for Bobby.

[S6E4] There Will Be Blood

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In a staff meeting with his attendings, Richard tells them that he knows its' been difficult, but he can't give them answers. Not just yet. Derek whispers to Mark that Richard only called them down here to make himself feel better. Richard says the Mercy West staff will arrive in 3 days and when they do, there will be more cutbacks and layoffs. He needs each and every one of them to be leaders and he will answer their questions when he can. While everyone starts asking questions, Derek takes a danish.

Lexie comes into the ER with Thatcher, who's not looking good. The neighbors informed Lexie that he wasn't getting his mail. He heard Meredith got married on a post-it. Cristina wants to go to give them family time, but Lexie says there's something wrong and she doesn't know what it is. Meredith asks if she picked him off the floor of a bar, because that might be a clue. Thatcher swears he hasn't been drinking and then suddenly throws up blood all over Meredith's shoes. Cristina comments that that could be surgical.

Bailey tells Thatcher he has end stage cirrhosis. They can treat the symptoms, but a transplant is the only thing that'll save his life. Lexie questions how this could've happened so fast. Alex rightfully suggests gin. And scotch, Thatcher adds. He asks what the next step is. Richard says there is a rule from the transplant board here: an alcoholic has to be sober for at least a year before he can get on the list. He's only at 90 days. Lexie says she'll get tested today. They only take part of the liver and it regenerates. Thatcher says he can't ask something like that because it's major surgery. She points out he's not asking and she's willing to do it for her father. Meanwhile, Meredith rolls her eyes.

Meredith and Derek are looking at their patient's scans. She assures him she's up for it and says everyone's been looking at her like she owes her father something, but she still thinks he's the bad guy. He supports her in this and walks out. Moments later, Lexie walks in, holding Meredith's medical files. She didn't want to do this, or come to her for anything, ever. So she thought that if it was the wrong blood type, she could just stop thinking about it. But she can't, because Meredith has his blood type. She knows he's not her father and that he was never there for her, and she knows Thatcher doesn't deserve anything from Meredith, but he is gonna die. So Lexie asks Meredith to give something to her. She's asking Meredith to give her her dad, because as crappy as he was to Meredith, he was wonderful to her. From the scanner room, Derek watches the two of them and shares a look with his wife. Meredith overthinks the matter.

As they exit for sickbay, Scott elaborates on what he told them on the Jenolan: they were on their way to the Norpin colony when there was an overload in a plasma transfer conduit, causing warp engine failure. The captain brought the ship out of warp, and they accidentally discovered the Dyson sphere through its gravimetric interference, much like what the Enterprise experienced. He marvels at the thought of the engineering skills just to design it. On La Forge asking about their first approach of the sphere, Scott continues that the standard survey of the surface had begun, and the first orbital scan was just being completed when the aft power coil suddenly exploded. Caught in the sphere's gravity well, the Jenolan fell toward the sphere and crashed on the surface; he and Franklin were the only survivors. When asked what inspired him to use the transporters to place himself and Franklin in such a state, Scott explains that there were too few supplies to survive long enough to be rescued and so they had to think of something. La Forge tells Scott that he found Scott's inventive use of the transporter to be "absolutely brilliant", but Scott acts modestly, noting that he thinks it was only fifty percent brilliant, due to the fact that it didn't save Franklin. La Forge continues that he believes that Scott will enjoy the 24th century and all the advances they've made, while Scott confesses to being a bit overwhelmed with the impressive Enterprise-D as they step into a turbolift; La Forge tells him to just wait until he sees the holodeck.

In a slightly drunken state, with the bottle of green spirits and the glass in his hands, Scott arrives outside one of the holodecks, having also been informed about them by Data, and requests a simulation of the bridge of his ship. The computer states that his request is insufficient, so Scott says in annoyance that he wants to see the bridge of the Enterprise. The computer states that there have been five Federation starships with that name and asks Scott to specify by registry number. Scott then states slowly and clearly, "NCC-1701. No bloody A, B, C, or D." The computer accepts his instructions and creates an authentic replica of the bridge. In an instant, Scott feels like he's come home.

Once there, they revealed that they were, in fact, the original Lightborns, kept alive all these years by transplanting their consciousnesses into new Nightblood bodies, effectively making them immortal. Nightbloods were becoming rarer in their society though, and they'd recently begun to believe they were on the brink of mortality. Their daughter, previously mentioned as having a fall and supposedly dying, was going to have to wait over 50 years to be reborn once another host body was available, but with the arrival of Clarke (and what they hoped would be more host bodies in her group), Russell jumped at the chance to get his daughter back using Clarke's body.

Armed with this new information, Cersei barges into a Small Council meeting between Kevan Lannister, Olenna Tyrell, and Jaime Lannister. While Kevan and Olenna are initially hostile, Cersei convinces them to listen to her. She then informs the Council that the High Sparrow has planned to make Margaery do the walk of atonement. Olenna is horrified that the Sparrows plan to debase her granddaughter. Jaime then urges the Council to allow the Tyrells to march their army into King's Landing, crush the Faith Militant, and bring Margaery and Loras back to the Red Keep into Crown custody. Kevan says that Tommen expressly forbid him to use the Lannister army he commands at the city to make a move against the Great Sept, for fear that the Faith Militant will harm Margaery in retaliation. Jaime suggests that Olenna send House Tyrell's army to the city instead, and points out to his uncle that Tommen only forbade his army from making a move - but he never expressly told him to prevent anyone else from trying, so Kevan wouldn't be breaking any commands if his forces simply stand down when the Tyrell army arrives. The Tyrell army will surround the Great Sept, intimidating the Sparrows into releasing Margaery and Loras, without any blood actually being shed - and by the time Tommen finds out what they've done he will already be happy with the outcome. Kevan's interest is now turned, but he still expresses reluctance should they fail. Cersei is able to make him change his mind by exploiting his hatred towards the Sparrows for taking his last remaining son and heir Lancel Lannister. Olenna agrees that blood will be shed no matter what they do at this point, so it's better if it's the Sparrows' blood and not theirs.

Davos Seaworth asks whether Melisandre will stay at Castle Black and she replies she will do as Jon Snow, The Prince That Was Promised, commands. Davos asks what happened to Stannis and she replies he was defeated in battle. When he asks about Shireen, Melisandre is reluctant to speak. Their conversation is interrupted by Brienne, who recognizes Davos and Melisandre as Stannis' former entourage. Still bitter over the death of King Renly Baratheon, Brienne warns Melisandre that she does not forget or forgive. She also tells them that she executed Stannis after he admitted using blood magic to assassinate Renly.

After a pause, Moro and the khals burst into laughter. Disgusted with her insolence, Moro decrees that instead of joining the dosh khaleen, she will be raped by each of the khals, then by all of their bloodriders, and then, if she is still alive, by their horses. He mocks the notion that they would ever think of serving her. Throughout their scorn, Daenerys's smile has not faltered at all; in fact, she seems to relish the thought. She calmly reaches over and clamps her hand on the basket of a burning brazier; yet she doesn't flinch. The khals expressions turn to amazement and fear as they realise too late just whom they are dealing with. In a flat tone, Daenerys informs them they aren't going to serve; they're going to die. With these words she topples the brazier, setting the floor of the hut alight in seconds. The khals desperately attempt to escape the rapidly spreading fire, only to find the temple's single door barred, the bodies of the two men guarding it lying dead outside. Khal Moro is the only one left as he turns to face Daenerys, who pushes the last brazier over in his direction. Khal Moro is engulfed by flames and his screams don't last long. 041b061a72


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