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[S1E4] Jonas Brothers

"I was feeling kind of trapped," the youngestbrother Nick told People. "I needed to share my heart with mybrothers." Despite being the impetus, Joe said they were all on the samepage when they decided to end it: "It was a unanimous decision."

[S1E4] Jonas Brothers

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Nick JonasBackground informationBornNicholas Jerry JonasSeptember 16, 1992 (age 30)Allentown, Pennsylvania, USANationality AmericanOccupationSinger-songwriter & actorYears active2002-presentSpousePriyanka Chopra Jonas (m. 2018)ChildrenMaltiSourceNicholas Jerry "Nick" Jonas is an American singer-songwriter & actor, best known as one of the Jonas Brothers, a band he created with his brothers: Joe and Kevin. The Jonas Brothers originally started with a solo singing career for Nick, but when his brothers Kevin and Joe sang backup for him, the record producer liked their sound and signed all three of them.

On August 17, 2007, Nick, along with his brothers, guest starred in an episode of Hannah Montana. The episode debuted alongside High School Musical 2 and a sneak peek of the new Disney Channel show, Phineas and Ferb. The episode broke basic cable records with a record 10.7 million viewers and became basic cable's most watched series telecast ever.

Nick and his brothers, Joe and Kevin, filmed a Disney Channel Original Movie called Camp Rock where they play a band called "Connect Three." Joe plays the lead male role and lead singer "Shane Gray"; Nick plays the role of "Nate," a guitarist; and Kevin plays the role of "Jason," also a guitarist. A soundtrack for the movie was released on June 17, 2008. The movie premiered on June 20 in the USA on Disney Channel, and Canada on Family.

After meeting with Nick and hearing the song, "Please Be Mine", written and performed by the brothers, Daylight/Columbia Records had decided to sign the three as a group act. After being signed to Columbia, the brothers considered naming their group "Sons of Jonas" before settling on the name "Jonas Brothers."

It's About Time, the brothers first album was released on August 8, 2006. According to the band's manager, it was only a "limited release" of a little over 50,000 copies. Because Sony was not interested in further promoting the band, the Jonas Brothers then considered switching labels. The band was ultimately dropped by Columbia Records in early 2007.

After shortly being without a label, the Jonas Brothers signed with Hollywood Records in February 2007. Around the same time, brothers began appearing in commercials for Baby Bottle Pops, singing the jingle. Their self-titled second album, Jonas Brothers, was released on August 7, 2007. It reached number five on the Billboard Hot 200 chart in its first week.

The episode starts as Joe meets up with his brothers, with baseball equipment, then he explains to his brothers that a girls' choir from another school is visiting and just found out that JONAS goes to Hortis Mantace Academy. The girls then show up and chase them off as the brothers run for their lives through the school halls. They are soon able to avoid them, the girls go the wrong way, while Joe and Kevin hide behind a post, and as soon as the girls are out of sight, Nick shows up driving a golf cart with the logo "JONAS" on it. Joe and Kevin get on the golf cart, they drive off, with Joe on the back.

Their dad announces their band's plans for the day, and when their mom asks "Who wants more toast?", Kevin asks her to say it again, through the boom mic he's holding and Nick and Kevin explain the reason breakfast needs a mic (Joe apparently slept in late last night, and wants his brothers to record the breakfast meeting because he wants to hear the sizzling of the bacon). Sandy calls Joe (shouting "JOSEPH!"), and Joe slides down a fire pole, then Kevin hands him a set of headphones. Sandy takes it off, and tells Joe to sit. Big Man, their bodyguard then picks up Frankie to tell him that the limo is ready, and everybody says bye. After the boys complain about the problems in the limo, Sandy then reminds everybody of their promise that if the band continues to be successful, they promise to keep grounded. Tom then reassures her that they are keeping grounded, then he grabs a cup of coffee from a coffee vendor, with a coffee cart. Stella then shows up with their clothes and Sandy tells her that she's welcome to stay for breakfast. Sandy then asks the boys when the boys did one chore in the house. The boys then tell her that they are going to keep their promise, then Nick gets a call, he answers it and tells the caller "I'll call you back", then hides his phone back in his pocket, followed by Kevin getting a call and answers "I'm gonna have to call you back", followed by Joe getting a call "Hello? Oh, hey! Yeah, I can talk! (his brothers look at him) I'll call you back". Sandy then extends her arms for a hug, and the boys give her one.

The boys try throwing out the garbage, but keep getting spotted by girls. After some unsuccessful tries, the boys try another way, where Joe will be attached to a rope, and let down by Joe and Kevin, and when there is some kind of trouble, or when he got the task done, they pull him back up. The plan at first goes well, but Joe gets spotted, and his brothers pull the rope up, but could not save Joe as the rope had been damaged, possibly by the girls as they pulled Joe, because the rope they used was strong.

Janos Slynt has arrived at Castle Black along with Ser Alliser Thorne, who has taken temporary command of the castle. He joins Ser Alliser, Maester Aemon, and two other black brothers to listen to Jon Snow's testimonies (it is unexplained how Slynt was immediately high-ranking enough to join the panel). Slynt is dismissive of Jon's claims, referring to Jon as "the bastard son of a traitor" and argues for his execution. When Jon asks him if he has ever been North of the Wall, he boasts that he commanded the City Watch of King's Landing and grows angered when Jon sarcastically retorts he must have been bad at his job to have been sent to the Wall. Slynt clearly does not believe Jon's report as he laughs at his claims of giants in the Free Folk's army, but is somewhat mollified when he realizes that the other black brothers do.[8]

During the Battle of Castle Black, Janos accompanies Alliser Thorne atop the Wall and oversees the defenses. When Alliser leaves the Wall to help the black brothers under attack by wildlings from the south, he leaves Janos in charge of the Wall's defenses. Janos, having no true leadership experience, begins to break down at the sight of giants and massive wildling army. Grenn steps in by falsely claiming that Alliser needs Janos back down in Castle Black. Janos either believes him or pretends to as a pretext to flee, allowing Jon to take command. Once down below, Janos locks himself in the kitchens, where he discovers Gilly and her son. When Sam returns to Gilly, he discovers Janos still in hiding.[11]

During a meeting, as Jon assigns missions to various black brothers, Janos pats Thorne on the shoulder when Jon names him First Ranger. When Jon assigns Janos to take command of the castle of Greyguard in order to man and restore it as best he can, he takes it as an insult and rudely refuses before Jon is even finished speaking. Jon clarifies that this is an official command, not an offer, but Janos further insults Jon when asked to clarify if he is refusing direct orders, telling him that he can "stick [his] order up [his] bastard arse." Calmly, Jon orders Janos to be taken outside and calls for his sword. At first, Janos is dragged out to the courtyard believing that this is simply a scare tactic, but he realizes his mistake when Eddison Tollett forces him down onto the chopping block.[15]

In A Storm of Swords, Tywin receives the distress message from Castle Black, and is angered by the opening sentence "To the five kings". In order to teach the Night's Watch who is their only lawful king and bring them under his control, he decides to force them to choose whoever he tells them to choose for a new Lord Commander, otherwise they will receive no reinforcements. Pycelle agrees with Tywin, and suggests Slynt for the office. Tyrion objects, knowing that Slynt is a very poor choice for a Lord Commander; he reminds his father that the black brothers choose their own commander, and Slynt is "a hollow suit of armor who will sell himself to the highest bidder" (a very accurate description of Slynt), but his protests fall on deaf ears.

Season 1 of ABC's newest reality competition series Claim to Fame kicked off on July 11, 2022. Hosted by brothers Kevin and Frankie Jonas, the name of the game describes it perfectly. Claim to Fame started with 12 contestants who are all, in some way, related to a celebrity. One contestant is eliminated each episode and their identity is revealed. The last person standing takes home a grand prize of $100,000.

Nicholas Jerry "Nick" Jonas (born September 16, 1992) is an American singer-songwriter, musician and actor best known as one of the Jonas Brothers, a pop-rock band he formed with his brothers Joe and Kevin. The Jonas Brothers originally started as an attempted solo singing career for Nick, but the record producer liked the sound when his brothers sang backup for him. He previously starred in the Disney Channel original series JONAS L.A. as Nick Lucas, alongside his brothers. He also starred in the Disney Channel original movie Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. He formed the band Nick Jonas & The Administration, which released its first album in 2010.

On August 17, 2007, Jonas, along with his brothers, guest starred in an episode of Hannah Montana, which aired after the premiere of High School Musical 2 and the Disney Channel show Phineas and Ferb.[29] The episode broke basic cable records with a record 10.7 million viewers and became basic cable's most watched series telecast ever.[30] 041b061a72


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