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Öğrenci Grubu

Herkese Açık·67 üye
Joseph Nelson
Joseph Nelson

[S5E3] The Long And Winding Road

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and setting off on a route that takes her along the Dodder River, through Rathgar, then Milltown, then Clonskeagh into Donnybrook, where, in the only place open, a Spar supermarket, she buys a takeaway coffee and a pastry to be eaten as she makes her way through Herbert Park, Ballsbridge, Ringsend, reaching the River Liffey at Tom Clarke Bridge, in normal circumstances, a busy toll link, but now empty of traffic, which allows her to stand in the middle of the road as she looks across to the port on the other bank, and the moored boats, and the warehouses, and the cranes that seem to be holding up by thin threads the skeletons of new office blocks and I wonder what comes to her mind then, at that spot, taking in the scene, which even devoid of people and cars and in this bright spring weather cannot, I imagine, be beautiful, 59ce067264


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