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Isaac Garcia
Isaac Garcia

21 : Deku Vs. Gentle Criminal

My Hero Academia is all new on Toonami. Season 4 Ep 21 bring Deku face to face with Gentle Criminal. Worried that he is targeting UA Deku takes on the video criminal. How will he do? Check it out tonight and find out on Toonami.

21 : Deku vs. Gentle Criminal

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When Manami was a younger girl, she professed her love to a different boy through a love letter, telling him that she was completely smitten. She seems to fall in love quite freely and when she does, quite deeply. Unfortunately, this also made her sensitive to rejection, as seen by when her crush rejected her letter and even badmouthed her as a stalker. This caused Manami to fall into a deep depression where she became a withdrawn shut-in who had no aspirations, spending every day glued to her computer and even contemplating suicide. Upon seeing Danjuro's videos however, her hope and energy were both fully restored, with Manami willing to help and accompany him even with the acts of doing so making her a criminal as well.

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