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Gustav Socks
Gustav Socks

Pcsx2 1.0.0 Bios Rom Free Download [WORK]

AS we all know that Bios Files are are required for running PCsx2 PS2 Emulator which helps the games improvement.Without this bios files, you will not unable to load pcsx2.I am providing the best Bios for PCsx2.Testing System:

Pcsx2 1.0.0 Bios Rom Free Download

Download Zip:

When I downloaded the pcsx2-0.9.8-r4594-linux.tar.gz I extracted it in the home directory and run the file, it closed immediately. When I open GNOME-terminal and typed in: ./ I got the following error:

One just download it from the pcsx2 site, extract it in your home folder, and run the only). here is the pcsx2.desktop file save it in /usr/share/applications/ or in your /home/your username/.local/share/applications/. Edit the file, where it says your username change it to your actual username, and the actual path to the binary.


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