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Elijah Hill
Elijah Hill

Gia Jordan

This is actually gia jordan. I had to use an alt I'D to communicate that Tony and I dated for 3 seconds last year. I wish for him to move on and get over it. I have tried being friends and business acquaintences, but it's evdently not what he wants. We're both in the same industry, so all I wish for is peace. (And that T-Mobile would block calls.) My definition of peace includes not hacking into my emails, myspace acct, etc to write to other people as me. Luckily, these people have been made aware of the situation and understand. I can't believe that I am banned all because I didn't feel the need to tell Tony my whereabouts when, really, I just wanted to drop off supplies he needed for a shoot and be gone. I feel no need to respond after 55 missed calls and 20 missed texts. I'm not angry. I just want to be left alone. Thanks for putting my life up on the Porn Enquirer aka lukeisback. If leaving xxxporntalk solves the issue, then so be it.

gia jordan



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