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Sweet Corn Bulk Buy

Our family takes care to grow and harvest the best sweet corn of the season from our farms in Florida, Georgia, and Michigan. We choose not to use any type of genetically modified seed or crop to grow our Dandy Sweet Corn. Fresh sweet corn is the perfect addition to all of your family favorites, so fire up your grill and gather your loved ones!

sweet corn bulk buy


What is Super Ship? Straightforward low price, and free shipping for wholesale size orders. Additional options offered on our wholesale website.Common uses:Camping food, backpacking food, snacks, and quick-and-easy cooking at home. Like our other freeze dried vegetables, our freeze dried sweet corn is often used as a snack right out of the bag. Also often used to make veggie trail mixes, soups, stews, tacos, and Spanish recipes.

Corn is the most frequently farmed grain crop in the Americas and is widely cultivated around the world. Corn has become a staple food in many cuisines, with its tall leafy stalks and sweet kernels, and its total production exceeds that of wheat and rice. Kernel growth takes place on the cob, which is a cylindrical structure. The kernels are arranged in rows on the cob. A hair-like substance called silk forms from each egg and slowly emerges from the husk's tip.

As American as apple pie, corn has been grown in North America for thousands of years. Together with tomatoes, this popular seed has inspired more home gardens than any other vegetable. One bite into a fresh ear of corn will answer all your questions about why this homegrown vegetable is so popular.

A frost-free growing season is necessary to grow corn from seed. Corn is wind pollinated, so it must be planted in a block of several rows for even pollination, not just one scrawny row. For a typical home garden, choose one cultivar (to prevent cross-pollination) and plan on planting a minimum of 10 to 15 plants per person for fresh corn this season.

Sow corn seeds two weeks after the last spring frost. Corn prefers highly fertile and well-drained soil with a temperature between 60 and 65F. Be sure to choose a planting site with plenty of sunlight and where the soil is high in nitrogen and moisture. Soil should be amended prior to planting with aged manure or rich compost. Plant seeds about one to two inches deep with two to three seeds per hole. Plantings should be about 12 to 15 inches apart with rows 30 to 36 inches apart. Shorter varieties may be spaced closer.

Water after planting and keep soil consistently moist through germination and harvest. If more than one seed sprouts from a group, thin to the strongest plant. Use a fertilizer that is high in nitrogen when plants are approximately 12 to 18 inches tall. Be sure to pull weeds around plants if they appear; if weeds become excessive, a thick layer of mulch may be applied to the plant's base. After about three weeks the silk of the plant should be visible and fading to a brown color. When this happens, ears of corn are ready for harvest.

To harvest your corn, bend and pull the ear downwards from the plant with a twisting motion. Consume or freeze immediately for best quality. If storing your corn, do not remove husks; it will last about one week in the refrigerator or up to eight months in the freezer.

If you want to start growing sweet corn in your garden or on your farm, we are proud to offer a wide selection of high quality sweet corn seeds in the most common varieties, including yellow types, bi-colour types, and specialty types such as ornamental corn and popcorn.Our Selection of Sweet Corn Seeds

Daniels Farm, is family owned and operated by Cliff Daniels. Cliff's knowledge of corn spans 50+ years in the industry focusing on Sugar Enhanced varieties. In addition, Cliff's son Scott, our Farm Production Supervisor, brings more than 30 years of on hand farm experience

The 115 acre farm has 80 tillable acres for growing corn and is located on the banks of Indian Creek, in McDonald County, Missouri, a major tributary of Elk River, is a vital natural water source for corn irrigation during the hot summer months.

Daniels Farm, takes pride in the fact that we are known for our quality and integrity. We provide our customer with an outstanding triple sweet product as well as an honest, family-oriented atmosphere.

We operate several roadside stands where you can purchase not only our delicious sweet Sweet Corn, buy also a large assortment of tomatoes, watermelons, cantaloupe, and peaches from other area farmers so we can provide your family with their favorite fruits and vegetables. You can also find us at area Farmer's Markets or buy fresh from our farm. For more information on the locations you can buy, please go to our Where to Buy page. If your favorite spot is not listed, please feel free to let us know!

In addition to subscriptions and gift deliveries, Casey Morgan's offers wholesale sweet corn by the crate. With approximately 48 ears per crate, this is the perfect pick for restaurants, large events, and more. Orders of a certain size can be shipped nationwide and to Canada through our farm and/or broker.

I received a coupon to try a free bag of Craize. I picked up my free bag and drove home ready for lunch. I opened my bag of Sweet Corn Craize and was delighted to see perfect crispy circles of sweet corn. I cannot explain how amazing these golden treasures are! I quickly became addicted. They're so light and crispy. I didn't dare taint the taste of them. I ate them completely plain. I forced myself to put the bag away before I finished them all. Terrified that the store would sell out before I got a chance to purchase more, I immediately went back and puchased 3 more bags. These are so good that even if they weren't gluten free, soy free, vegan, kosher, free of preservatives and free of harmful chemical additives, I'd still buy them. These are my new favorite snack.

A nice choice for an early maturing sweet corn for the home garden. 75 days to maturity! Interestingly, It was the first bicolor open pollinated sweet corn to be made commercially available. A successful cross was made between two heirloom varieties from the early 1900,s. The blending of a white and yellow sweet corn was born! We started with Double Standard Bi-Color back in the early 90's and still grow it today. Seed is from our recent 2022 grow out. These traditional sweet corns begin to turn starchy a day after harvest. Always eat them on the same day for best quality flavor and consistency.

Sweet corn belongs to the same species as field corn (Zea mays) but has a genetic mutation (or mutations) that results in the corn kernels storing relatively more sugar than commonly grown field corn. Varieties with this mutation were first discovered and grown in Pennsylvania in the mid-1700s. The first commercial variety of sweet corn was reportedly introduced in 1779. To capture maximum sweetness, sweet corn is harvested before it fully matures while sugar content is still high.

Currently there are sweet corn varieties/hybrids with genes for differing levels of sweetness, differing colors (white, yellow or bicolor) and genetic transformations for herbicide resistance and insect control. Genetic advances have also improved the quality of both fresh and processed products. As an example, there are supersweet varieties that offer longer shelf life, extended marketing windows and the delivery of higher-quality products throughout the year. Sweet corn can be processed and canned or frozen or sold in the fresh market. Though most wait to harvest full grown sweet corn, a small market does exist for the fully edible unhusked baby corn.

In terms of production and value, sweet corn is the second largest processing crop, surpassed only by tomatoes. Sweet corn is grown in all 50 states. However, Florida, Washington, Georgia, California, New York and Oregon are the largest producers of all types of sweet corn. The production of sweet corn for processing is heavily concentrated in the upper Midwest and the Pacific Northwest with Minnesota, Washington and Wisconsin being the leading producers. The total value of the 2021 sweet corn crop was estimated to be in excess of $774 million. Of that amount, 75 percent was produced for the fresh market and 25 percent for the processing market. Processing sweet corn production (both frozen and canned) in 2021 had a total crop value of $193 million (NASS 2022).

Since sweet corn is cross pollinated, varieties with differing traits need to be isolated from one another to avoid cross contamination and loss of the desired traits and from field corn and popcorn. Site selection for producing sweet corn is similar to that of field corn, though any drought during cob development can significantly reduce the value of the crop. Insect pests can be a major problem, particular if they feed on the ear. Therefore, insect populations should be monitored and spray programs implemented as needed. Hybrids with the Bt traits (GMOs) may be helpful in reducing many insect pest problems and in reducing the need for insecticides. Staggering planting dates and using hybrids of differing maturity length can help ensure a steady supply of produce.

Look to Harris Seeds for the best selection of sweet corn seed varieties around. Choose from over 85 sweet corn seed varieties - bicolor sweet corn, yellow sweet corn and white sweet corn. A wide variety of genetic types including normal sugary, sugary enhanced, supersweet, synergistic and Sweet Breed sweet corn seed types are available. We are also now offering a selection of biotech sweet corn seeds.

This dehydrated sweet corn makes a great tasting side dish because it taste fresh off the cob! Add to your favorite soups, casseroles or any recipe that calls for corn in its ingredient list. A delicious vegetable to include in your long-term food storage. It is drier and requires longer soaking and simmering.

This dehydrated sweet corn makes a great tasting side dish or you can add it to your favorite soups, casseroles or any recipe that calls for corn in its ingredient list. A delicious vegetable to include in your long-term food storage. 041b061a72


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