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Isaac Garcia
Isaac Garcia

Buy Windows Surface

The iPad is even worse because it has limited options. The industry standards allow windows and android tabs to deploy cross-brand peripherals whereas it is lesser practiced. Impossible in apple products.

buy windows surface

Price first and foremost for us in the UK. At the time of writing 1 dollar is worth 0.78 pound sterling. The cheapest surface go is priced at 379. This is for 64GB storage and 4GB RAM, with no typecover or pen. This is equivalent to you guys over the pond paying $483. You just wouldn't would you?For 319 I can buy an ipad 9.7 with 32 GB storage or 419 for 128 GB storage. So my strategy will be to run my windows desktop (4 years old) and laptop (2.5 years old but under-powered and struggling) until they become unusable and then review the situation with the possibility of moving over to apple. 041b061a72


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