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Realtek USB Ethernet All-In-One Windows Driver - USB Driver

The next problem could be that the sr9700 driver module will not recognize the product ID 9702, as it expects only product ID 9700. When the device switches to the actual network interface mode, it might or might not change its ID. If the product ID changes to 9700, you'll only need the usb_modeswitch part.

Usb Vid 0fe6 Pid 9700 Driver Windows 7

Download File:

If the chips with product ID 9702 will work identically to chips with product ID 9700, this might work. But if there are differences, the driver will most likely not work correctly. You might see errors in dmesg output.

warkae 19191a764c -vid-0fe6-pid-9700-driver-windows-7[ -vid-0fe6-pid-9700-driver-windows-7 ][ -vid-0fe6-pid-9700-driver-windows-7 ][ -vid-0fe6-pid-9700-driver-windows-7 ]link= -vid-0fe6-pid-9700-driver-windows-7link= -vid-0fe6-pid-9700-driver-windows-7link= -vid-0fe6-pid-9700-driver-windows-7

bianredl 19191a764c -vid-0fe6-pid-9700-driver-windows-7[ -vid-0fe6-pid-9700-driver-windows-7 ][ -vid-0fe6-pid-9700-driver-windows-7 ][ -vid-0fe6-pid-9700-driver-windows-7 ]link= -vid-0fe6-pid-9700-driver-windows-7link= -vid-0fe6-pid-9700-driver-windows-7link= -vid-0fe6-pid-9700-driver-windows-7

The drivers were installed, but he also asked me for the Windows 98 CD.However the device does not work, it says that it is impossible to load the drivers for this device with the NDIS.VXD device loader, NTKERN.VXD.The device sees it as DM9601 USB To Fast Ethernet Adapter.BUT I believe there must be RD9700 and not DM9601. The drivers are not yours.(how do you check the VID and PID?)

I solved it by plugging the device on windows 10.ID Hardware: USB\VID_0FE6&PID_9700&REV_0101USB\VID_0FE6&PID_9700ID Compatible:USB\Class_00&SubClass_00&Prot_00USB\Class_00&SubClass_00USB\Class_00

So I did, reinstall driver, in the list of network devices, I clicked on the "Have Disk" option.I went to the drivers folder, and it saw me and recognized, this time, the RD9700. I selected it, but when I pressed OK, the following message appeared:Cannot find hardware information in the specified location.The problem appeared on the drivers you made me download.I tried the ones from the CD and started installing them. After a while though:Unable to install Realtek RTL8150 USB 10/100 Fast Ethernet Adapter.Error code 1F6. Then Windows restart. And the device is installed but disabled.I enabled the device and restarted the PC.Yellow exclamation point: The device is not present, is malfunctioning, or not all required drivers are installed. (code10)Isn't it that the first drivers conflict?

In the meantime:1. I've installed Windows 98 in Virtualbox, installed driver (found before) which claims to be Windows 98 compatible, 2. found driver files in c:\windows\temp\guid\guid\Win32.3. BUT in RD9700.inf file there are no sections for Windows 9x - only for Windows NT 5 and above.

So, assuming that this driver is indeed compatible with Windows 98, I added a Windows 9x section to it (based on the DM9601 driver I linked in my first post).I have no idea if this will work, but you can try it. The original unmodified file is RD9700.inf.orig (to compare what was added).Maybe someone more experienced in driver modding can take a look at it.

It worked on a XTC321 Usb 2.0 RJ45 fast ethernet adapter" Was this review helpful? (Report this) 25 of 26 people found the following review helpful: Joris R Tested on Windows 7 19 May 2015(11 minutes after download) Installation: Stability: Compatibility: "Good driver for USB hub and USB-ethernet device.ID: USB\VID_0FE6&PID_9700" Was this review helpful? (Report this) Already tried it? Give your review.

If the driver listed is not the right version or operating system, search our driver archive for the correct version. Enter Corechips RD9700 USB2.0 To Fast Ethernet Adapter into the search box above and then submit. In the results, choose the best match for your PC and operating system.


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