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The over/under total goals bet garners the attention of many enthusiasts in the sports betting world, relying on the outcome of wins and losses. Today, we'd like to introduce you to this type of bet at the bookmakers. So, what is the over/under total goals bet, and how can you play it at the bookmakers? Let's find out in the following article.

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What is the Total Goals Bet?

The total goals bet, also known as the "over/under total goals" bet, is a type of sports bet where players make predictions and place wagers on the total number of goals scored by both teams in a football match after 90 minutes of official play.

This type of bet falls within a range A - B (A < B) set by the bookmaker. Typically, bookmakers provide a range of possibilities they predict could occur in the football match.

Detailed Instructions on How to Play the Total Goals Bet

To improve your chances of winning, you need to have a good understanding of the basic types of total goals bets.

First-Half Total Goals Bet

This type of bet shares many similarities with the full-match total goals bet, with the only difference being that it only considers goals scored by both teams in the first half of the match. The remaining playing time after the first half is not counted and serves as the basis for calculating the outcome of this bet.

Total Goals Bet for the Entire Match

Unlike typical betting types where players make predictions and place odds before the match begins, the total goals bet for the entire match requires you to participate in betting while the match is in progress.

Extra Time Total Goals Bet

As the name suggests, this betting option depends on the number of goals scored by both teams during extra time in the match. Bookmakers only offer this bet when the match goes into extra time, and players can participate at that point.

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6 Tips to Conquer Over/Under Goals Betting

Over/under goals betting is a relatively easy type of bet to place, but to be effective in this kind of wagering on sports betting websites or other online sports betting platforms, it's essential to have a strategy. Many experienced sports bettors rely on their knowledge and insight to win their bets. In this article, we'll compile and share with you some valuable tips to help you effectively bet on over/under goals and maximize your chances of winning.

Choose Two Teams of Equal Strength

Why should you consider selecting two teams of equal strength for your over/under goals bets? The reason is quite simple. When two evenly matched teams face off, the number of goals scored tends to be lower. Defensive strategies are often emphasized, increasing the likelihood of a low-scoring match and improving your chances of winning the bet.

Thoroughly Research the Teams

One of the most critical factors in making successful over/under goals bets is researching the teams involved in the match. This research serves as a crucial foundation for determining and analyzing the match's dynamics. Understanding the teams' form and the balance of power between them will simplify the betting process and increase your accuracy.

Choose Strong Teams

Another important aspect to consider when betting on over/under goals is to bet on strong teams. Opt for matches where there is a significant gap in terms of class, playing style, and tactics between the two teams. Based on your analysis, make an informed decision about the total number of goals that best suits the matchup.

Analyze Each Team's Advantages

Pay close attention to analyzing the advantages of each team. Consider whether one of the teams benefits from playing on their home turf. Home advantage often leads to more relaxed, confident players and, consequently, higher-scoring matches. This could result in a higher likelihood of more goals being scored.

Choose the Best Odds

After conducting a thorough analysis and forming your predictions about the match, it's time to place your bet. A small tip for winning over/under goals bets is to select odds with a higher range, denoted as A - B. For example, if you anticipate a match ending with around 2-3 goals, consider choosing odds for 4-6 goals. This can increase your potential winnings significantly.

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Focus on Major Tournaments

Why should you focus on major tournaments? The answer is simple. When you bet on popular tournaments, the teams involved are usually well-known and less likely to be affected by unexpected variables. This makes it easier for you to make accurate predictions and improve your chances of a successful bet.


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