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Elijah Hill
Elijah Hill

Breathe All That Jazz Deluxe Rar BEST

A consummate, polished pop album, All That Jazz was originally released in 1988. Now, for the first time, it has been given the deluxe edition treatment to celebrate its 25th anniversary. This 2 CD collection features 33 tracks including the original 11 song configuration plus 15 tracks that make their appearance on CD for the very first time anywhere. The bonus material on this collection features all the single versions, non-album b-sides, and as many remixes and alternate versions that could fit across 2 CDs. The album includes the international smash hit, Hands To Heaven (US #2, UK #4), which has been a radio staple since it was released in 1988. Breathe were the first British group to have 3 top ten singles from a debut album on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US. How Can I Fall? (US #3), Don t Tell Me Lies (US #10) and the aforementioned Hands To Heaven are all included. The CD booklet contains comprehensive sleeve notes including contributions from producer Chris Porter who also engineered Faith , George Michael s blockbuster album from 1987. Additionally, it features a singles discography and all three different versions of the album cover.

Breathe All That Jazz Deluxe Rar

Nah, [laughs]. I don't have any secret lyrics. If I did, they would be obscene, let me tell ya. These songs are melodic pieces. Invariably, some overeager jazz singer who has just graduated from Ohio State or something, wants to put lyrics to your tune and you have to go, "Uh, I don't know if that fits." You just treat them as if they had words and just play melodically. Which is a whole another thing and then your phrasing and the way you hit the note, vibrato, dynamics, all of that stuff comes into play. How long do you sustain the note?

Playing in a band with three guitars, melodic vocals/harmonies, and added background instrumentation, means rhythmically making the most impact with the space remaining while still leaving room for the songs to breathe. I love creating heaviness with repetition and space. I really appreciate the subtlety of that on Scientist's take of this Michael Prophet tune. The heaviness he creates in the mix with subtle space, repetition and little effects elicit a feeling that is so smooth and heavy.


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