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Vsevolod Gulyaev
Vsevolod Gulyaev

The Super Mario Logan BEST

His puppet form boasts a somewhat similar design in a few superficial aspects but has several noticeable differences. Compared to his plush, his puppet form appears to be slightly taller and more clearly middle-aged with pronounced sags below his eyes and a more visible bald spot. He also lacks a cap, wears blue trousers instead of overalls, and his red shirt is now short sleeved and paired with a blue work tie.

The Super Mario Logan

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They first met in "Jeffy's 16th Birthday!" Mario hates him because Super D tries many attempts to steal Rosalina from him. He also hates Super D because Super D is stronger than him and has superpowers.

This very popular YouTube channel is your basic online nightmare for parents of young kids: content that will appeal to them, yet is laden with messages parents don't want them to receive. It's all too easy to imagine an unsupervised young viewer clicking on a video that features characters from that game they like, only to get a face full of "edgy" humor that parents would find terribly unfunny. One example: substitute teacher Jackie Chu, who says he has difficulty reading his class's attendance list because his eyes are "so slanty," tries to teach about the "Chinese food pyramid," which is drawn on the board behind him. Sushi (a traditional Japanese food) appears as one of the bottom sections; "cat," "dog," and "egg roll" at the top. "We ruv some egg roll!" says Jackie. Ugh.

Logan once got West Nile virus from a mosquito and was cured after two weeks. For most of his life, he couldn't eat most types of food as he would feel extremely ill. It eventually got to the point where he had to be injected with a feeding tube to gain weight. After struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts, Logan eventually went to a professional and was diagnosed with superior mesenteric artery syndrome. On June 20, 2012, Logan received surgery and was cured. After slowly recovering, he met Jamarcus Mitchell who had leukemia and both of them got along before his death in October 2012. After leaving the hospital, he became a Catholic and got his driving license at 17 years old.

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