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Guide To Play Asian 1×2 Handicap and European handicap in soccer betting

The Asian Handicap 1×2, also known as the Asian Handicap, 1×2 bet, or three-way betting, is a highly popular betting ratio in football betting. In this, players simply place bets on the team that will win the match overall or end in a draw. The outcome of the Asian Handicap 1×2 bet entirely depends on the match result.

Advantages and disadvantages of playing the Asian Handicap 1×2 bet:

Every type of football betting has its own benefits and limitations. Here's a compilation of the pros and cons when participating in the Asian Handicap 1×2 bet:


Players don't need to analyze or calculate the odds extensively but just choose one of the three options: Home team wins, Away team wins, or Both teams draw.

Players can easily predict the match result accurately if there is a clear difference between the two teams.


It becomes challenging for players to predict if there isn't a significant difference between the two teams in the match.

The winning odds are divided into three parts.

The betting odds and analysis method for the Asian Handicap 1×2 bet might not be very enticing.

Guide on how to read the most accurate Asian Handicap 1×2 odds:

Here's a specific guide from confidence football tips on reading the 1×2 Asian Handicap odds:

Explanation of the 1X2 symbols:

1×2 is the general symbol on the Asian Handicap 1×2 betting board, and it means:

1: Home team wins

X: Both teams draw

2: Away team wins

Basic Asian Handicap betting types:

When participating in this bet, you can bet on the first half (HT) or the full match (FT). The symbols on the betting board are as follows:

FT: Placing bets on the overall match result.

HT: Betting only on the result of the first half.

Odds ratio:

Odds represent the typical ratio you receive when winning an Asian Handicap 1×2 bet. These ratios often fluctuate continuously and are only calculated when the betting ticket confirms the successfully placed odd ratio.

How to Calculate 1X2 Betting Money in Detail for Newbies

An important knowledge that any bettor cannot overlook is understanding how to calculate 1X2 odds money. Even though nowadays betting companies have integrated technologies for automatic calculation of winning bets as soon as the results are in, one should not be subjective because there are many fraudulent bookmakers in the market. Knowing how to calculate the money not only helps you detect fraudulent behavior by bookmakers but also assists in managing your betting capital more effectively.

Calculating 1X2 Money when Winning

When winning a 1X2 bet, you will receive money according to the following formula:

Winnings = Bet Amount x Corresponding Odds.

Calculating 1X2 Asian Handicap Money when Losing

When the match result does not match your betting selection, you will lose the entire amount of the wager.

Losses = Bet Amount

Illustrative Example of 1X2 Betting

For a better understanding of the Asian 1X2 bet, let's look at an illustrative example:

The image above is the betting table for the match between Vietnam and North Korea. In this example, the 1X2 symbols represent:

1: Betting on Vietnam winning

2: Betting on North Korea winning

X: Betting on a draw

With the given betting odds, if you bet 100k on Vietnam and Vietnam wins, you'll receive 100 × 1.33 = 133k. Similarly, betting on North Korea to win, you'll get 100 × 7.3 = 730k; Betting on a draw and the result being a draw will earn you 100 × 4.3 = 430k.

Some Notes When Playing 1X2 Asian Bets

When engaging in 1X2 betting, consider the following:

Regularly monitor and update betting odds tables to understand movements for making the most accurate choices.

Swiftly update football news, used betting tips app download ,especially match-related information such as line-ups, form, playing style, match history, sideline information, analysis, football predictions, etc., to analyze and make accurate predictions.

Absolutely avoid betting based on emotions or following someone else's persuasion without personally researching and evaluating information.

Choose reputable bookmakers with proper licenses and high ratings from many players regarding betting odds, promotions, deposit/withdrawal speed, security, customer care, etc.

Winning Strategies for 1X2 Betting for Bettors

To win bets, you need to know some basic strategies for 1X2 betting:

Have a clear understanding of 1X2 bets.

To succeed in football betting, the first thing you need to do is thoroughly understand the type of bet you're playing. With 1X2 bets, you need to grasp how to read and accurately calculate the odds. These may seem simple, but not everyone takes the time to learn and gain additional knowledge.

Compare with Asian Handicap odds.

Despite their differences, Asian Handicap and 1X2 bets have a betting correlation that few bettors pay attention to. Consequently, 1X2 bettors can rely on Asian Handicap odds changes to make suitable choices.

Do not bet on more than 5 matches a day.

Although it's an entertaining form of stress relief, if you invest too much time in football betting, it can lead to fatigue, lack of focus, and an inability to accurately predict outcomes. This can lead to declining health and potential losses, depleting your assets.

Stop when you start losing.

"The more you play, the more you lose" is often the outcome for those with bad luck. However, when they lose, they often want to continue playing to recoup their losses. This tendency can lead to total loss. While football betting relies on predictions and thorough research, sometimes winning also depends on luck. Therefore, if there are signs of losses, stop at the right moment to rest and change your luck.

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The above is detailed information about 1X2 Asian bets and effective strategies for betting on 1X2. Hopefully, this article will help you gain more accurate knowledge and experience in betting in the future. Visit Wintips every day to quickly update yourself on the latest betting techniques!


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