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Elijah Hill
Elijah Hill

Where Can I Buy Def

Our DEF locator will show you where your nearest DEF Retail pump is. Sites also have diesel facilities too, so you can fill both tanks at the same time; making sure you are back on the road as quickly as possible.

where can i buy def

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Every single DEF package has a manufacturers date located somewhere on the product. Most likely it is on the front of the package near the bottom. This date code will tell the exact date the batch was produced and subsequently the age of the bottle of DEF. One gallon containers have a laser code imprinted on the bottle. Larger 2-5 gallon tanks usually have a small date code imprinted on the label of the product. Larger drums of DEF fluid (55 gallons +) and totes (275-355 gallons) will have a larger label applied to the side or top of the drum. Reading a manufactures code can be a bit tricky and each one is a little bit different. Usually the first digit of the date code represents the batch number and the next 6 digits reflect the date the batch was filled at the factory.

Then, it gets sent out through the tailpipe and into the air, where it is safe to breathe in and does not harm our environment the way nitrogen oxide would. Nitrogen oxide is a pollutant that causes problems such as acid rain, haze, nutrient pollution, and human health issues, particularly respiratory symptoms.

We carry the Peak Blue DEF line of products, which is the Americas #1 brand of diesel exhaust fluid. Yoder Oil has free delivery in the area surrounding our Elkhart and Indianapolis locations and we will ship anywhere in the United States. We also carry a line of Peak equipment that works with diesel exhaust fluid to ensure the product is not contaminated in any way. Diesel Exhaust Fluid is not hazardous, toxic or flammable. You can call or email our customer service department for information on the full line of products we carry.

SCR converts NOx to nitrogen and water vapor using a catalyst, exhaust heat, and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). The DEF is injected into the diesel exhaust stream where it reacts with a chemical catalyst to convert NOx into a harmless gas. 041b061a72


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