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Iwrestledabearonce A Beary Scary Movie |WORK|

iwrestledabearonce are really dipping their toes in some serious video production. They are set to release a full-length movie called A Beary Scary Movie next month, and as a pre-amble to that they have just released a new music video for the track "Button It Up" but they're not making it easy for you to watch it.Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading.window.catalyst.cmd.push('loadAds',[['incontent', 'cmn-feed-inline_3582']]);The band have made their new video a game of "Choose Your Own Adventure." Here's the concept: Upon receiving a VHS tape containing the unseen music video for "Button It Up", guitarist Steven Bradley is kidnapped by a psychotic IWABO fan before he can make his way back to the band house to view the video. Follow the link below to pick the two band members you want to follow, see them save Steven and watch the video! (Or choose the wrong path to see the gruesome death of Steven Bradley and the demise of IWRESTLEDABEARONCE)If you choose a certain juggalo path, you even get to see a little cameo by yours truly interviewing the new fake band. Watch and see if you can unlock the video. Great job guys!iwabo are currently out on the road. Check out the dates here.Want More Metal? Subscribe To Our Daily NewsletterEnter your e-mail below to get a daily update with all of our headlines.

iwrestledabearonce a beary scary movie

"A Beary Scary Movie' started production in the summer of 2011. After working with Beasley for 2 music videos, iwrestledabearonce and Century Media decided to take their performances and online viral marketing a next step further by doing a larger story together. The movie essentially became a spoof horror comedy of 'A Nightmare on Elm Street'. Written and Directed by Justin Beasley, the project would put the band on tour and a mysterious killer known as Shreddy was killing other bands one by one.


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