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Dark or Blue: The Sophomore Album by Teargas

Dark or Blue: The Sophomore Album by Teargas

Dark or Blue is the second studio album by South African hip-hop group Teargas, released in 2009 by Electromode Music. The album features 13 tracks that showcase the group's versatility and lyrical skills, as well as collaborations with artists such as Tira, Liesl, Tamarsha, Pro, HHP and Danny K.

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The album's title reflects the group's mood and outlook on life, as they balance the dark and blue aspects of their experiences. The album covers topics such as ambition, love, partying, friendship and social issues. Some of the standout tracks include "This Year!", "Go Away", "Mhlobo Wami", "Goodfellaz" and "Jealous Down".

Dark or Blue received positive reviews from critics and fans alike, and was nominated for several awards, including Best Rap Album at the 2010 South African Music Awards. The album also spawned several hit singles that topped the charts and received heavy airplay on radio and TV. Dark or Blue established Teargas as one of the leading forces in the South African hip-hop scene.

Dark or Blue is available to stream or download on Spotify[^1^], Apple Music[^2^] and other platforms.Teargas is a South African hip-hop group that consists of three members: K.O, Ma-E and Ntukza. The group was formed in 2005, when the three friends decided to join forces and pursue their musical dreams. They named themselves Teargas, because they wanted to make an impact with their music and lyrics, just like tear gas does in a riot.

The group released their first album, K'shubile K'bovu, in 2006, which was well received by the hip-hop community and introduced them to a wider audience. The album featured the hit single "Chance", which told the story of a gangster seeking redemption. The group followed up with their second album, Wafa Wafa, in 2008, which was even more successful and earned them several nominations and awards. The album included songs such as "Champions", "Sunshine" and "Mhlobo Wami".

In 2009, Teargas released their third album, Dark or Blue, which showed their growth and maturity as artists. The album had a more diverse sound and explored different themes and emotions. The album featured collaborations with Tira, Liesl, Tamarsha, Pro, HHP and Danny K. Some of the popular tracks from the album were "This Year!", "Go Away", "Goodfellaz" and "Jealous Down".

Teargas continued to dominate the South African hip-hop scene with their fourth and final album, Num8er Num8er, in 2012. The album was a celebration of their achievements and a reflection of their journey as a group. The album had songs such as "Wake Up", "M.I.A" and "Num8er Num8er". The group also embarked on a nationwide tour to promote the album and interact with their fans.

After Num8er Num8er, Teargas decided to take a break from the group and focus on their solo careers. K.O launched his own record label, Cashtime Life, and released his debut solo album, Skhanda Republic, in 2014. Ma-E also released his debut solo album, Township Counsellor, in 2016. Ntukza released his debut solo album, Family Over Everything, in 2017.

Despite their solo endeavors, Teargas remains one of the most influential and respected hip-hop groups in South Africa. Their music has inspired many young artists and fans across the country and beyond. They have also been recognized for their contribution to the South African music industry with various accolades and honors. 0efd9a6b88


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